The Discovery Experience

An Extraordinary Team of Tour Managers

Discovery Tour Managers - Eager to Welcome You to Their Home. Guide, teacher, daily planner, friend...that's a Discovery Tour Manager. What's more, each of our expert professionals brings a personal warmth to your trip that makes you feel at home. From Peru to Nepal, all our Tour Managers live where you visit, because there's no better guide than a local. Their encyclopedic knowledge enriches every moment. And their insider's perspective adds unparalleled depth to your experience.

Only the Best for Discovery Tours Travelers

Our Tour Managers are carefully selected for our travelers. Each one is tirelessly dedicated to interpreting the regional customs and remarkable sights that make your destination worth savoring. Enthusiastic, caring, and inspiring, their finely tuned people skills can transform a small group into one big happy family. Of course, they keep your trip running seamlessly, too. With local contacts and our own Gate 1 offices just a phone call away - anytime of the day or night - they ensure a worry-free trip.