The Discovery Experience

Tap into the soul of local culture in our small groups

Thanks to our small group size, we can get around more easily than larger groups. We can also take you where the culture expresses itself in its purest forms. Share a meal around a family's table, meet children in their schools, peruse outdoor markets, and witness artisans at work. We've arranged opportunities for you to jump right in!

Get to Know the Locals

Culture is defined by the people who live it. And we'll have ample opportunities to meet them. In New Zealand, meet with a member of the local Maori tribe in the living thermal village of Whakarewarewa. In China, we meet with a local family in Beijing's Hutong community, preserved as a protected cultural area. And in Morocco, we meet the women of the Argan Oil Cooperative and see how they extract nutritive oil from this nut. And in many destinations, we stop by local schools to meet the children. What's more, our Tour Managers call your destination home, so you'll gain invaluable insight from their personal stories.

Enjoy the Beauty of Your Destination

Natural beauty surrounds us on all our itineraries, and we'll explore it up close. Discover Patagonia's astonishing scenery and magnificent glaciers on a cruise to Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. In Greece, enjoy a ferry ride to dazzling Corfu, with its dramatic coastlines, olive groves and miles of wild flowers. And in Mongolia, travel on horseback across the breathtaking steppe, like the nomadic tribes that still inhabit this land.

Celebrate the Culture!

Music and performance open doors into the spirit of a place. We'll be regaled by talented performers who sing and dance their country's stories. Share in the local love of music in Mongolia during performances of throat singing and long song, as well as a shaman dance. Marvel at the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey and the dance of Cambodia's apsaras. And enjoy tango lessons with professional Argentinean tango dancers.