The Discovery Experience

Immerse Yourself in a New Dimension in Small Group Travel!

If you enjoy the value and convenience of escorted tours, but also crave a privileged, intimate view of local cultures that larger groups can't provide, then you'll love Discovery Tours by Gate 1! We know that when you journey halfway around the world, you don't want anything to stand between you and getting to the heart of your destination, least of all the size of your group. Traveling in a small group of no more than 22, we'll cover more ground with ease and agility, leave the cookie-cutter itineraries behind, and meet the locals up close - without crushing your travel budget.

Exclusive Itineraries Bring You Closer

Our unique small group itineraries visit the most sought-after destinations. Each exclusive, active tour reveals the world to you in a whole new way...up close, intimate, and real. It's all thanks to our small group size, which allows you to truly immerse yourself in the cultural and natural beauty that makes your destination so singular. Simply put, you'll delve more deeply into local culture than ever before.

No Better Small Group Value

Discovery Tours by Gate 1 stand out from other small group tours in so many ways. Our unmatched value - a Gate 1 Travel tradition since our founding - is especially impressive. In fact, these are the most inclusive small group experiences you'll find anywhere. Full days of touring ensure that you'll see all that you've come so far to see. And with many meals included in your price, you'll enjoy the varied flavors of your destination, and easy convenience. What's more, you won't find a long list of optional tours to hike up your cost, just a couple of carefully chosen ones to allow you the flexibility to choose either more leisure time or more time exploring!

Rely on Gate 1 Travel's 34 Years of Experience

For over 34 years, Gate 1 Travel has been proud to help travelers explore faraway places at a price that's easy on their budgets. And we've brought that same commitment to quality and value to our Discovery Tours. What's our secret? We work with people around the world who share our passion for giving you unforgettable travel experiences. Our global relationships have grown, and now we operate from 20 offices around the world. Today, our international colleagues use their local knowledge and contacts to create unique itineraries from scratch. Simply put, you won't find trips - or travel values - like these anywhere else.

Go Where Larger Groups Can't

Our small groups of no more than 22 afford us so many advantages. We'll see hidden gems that only locals know about. Linger longer at sites that catch our interest. Enjoy greater access to smaller and more enriching venues that reveal the true essence of local culture. Meet the locals up close, where they live. And with so few in our group, you'll have greater access to your Tour Manager, a wellspring of local knowledge and insider tips.