Immerse Yourself in a New Culture with Discovery Tours Small Group Travel! If you enjoy the value and convenience of escorted tours, but also crave an intimate view of local cultures that large groups can't provide, then you'll love Discovery Tours by Gate 1!

Exclusive Itineraries Bring You Closer

Our unique small group itineraries visit the most sought-after destinations. Each exclusive, active tour reveals the world to you in a whole new way...up close, intimate, and real. It's all thanks to our small group size, which allows you to truly immerse yourself in the cultural and natural beauty that makes your destination so singular. Simply put, you'll delve more deeply into local culture than ever before.

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Go Where Larger Groups Can't

Our small groups of no more than 22 afford us many advantages. Our unmatched value - a Gate 1 Travel tradition since our founding - is especially important to us. Linger longer at sites that catch your interest; see hidden gems that only locals know about, on the most inclusive small group tours you'll find anywhere. And with so few in our group, you'll have greater access to your Tour Manager, a wellspring of local knowledge and insider tips.

Get Up Close & Personal

Our small group size allows for easy maneuvering, with more opportunities to experience the local culture at every destination. Whether sharing a meal around a family's table, meeting children at nearby schools, or observing artisans at work in local markets, we make sure you can jump right in!

Boutique Accommodations

Our accommodations, often at distinctive, one-of-a-kind lodgings, are chosen to enhance your immersion experience. Because we're traveling in a small group, we can bypass typical tourist hotels. Instead, we'll opt for high-quality, well-located lodgings at the best value available. Enjoy deluxe campsite accommodations in the Sahara desert, marvel at the old-world charm of castles in the Irish countryside and glimpse the Big Five in safari lodge camps. Our regional staff has hand-picked accommodations whose atmosphere and decor reflect the rich traditions of your destination.

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